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"The service was good thank you it helped me today...
I feel better after the session thank you. From a worried mum."


"They were very good and they recommended some ideas on dealing with our situation; I never expected that. Thank you."


"Keep doing what you guys are doing."


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Our forums are the perfect place to connect with people who are making changes to their alcohol or other drug use.

It can be hard to know where to start...

Our self-help tools can give you strategies and information to help you make a change.
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Our counsellors are available by email to assess your situation and suggest options.
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Concerned about your drug or alcohol use?

Our quick and easy online assessment helps you see where you're at and what you can do next.

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Understanding a bit more about how specific drugs affect you may help you when making a change.
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Our recovery-oriented online community is a non-judgemental, welcoming, and safe place to connect with others with similar life experiences.

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